Well I left the original text in here all yesterday because I don’t have internet at my new apartment.  Today, however, I figured that while I have access I might as well set up my first blog post and such.  I left the original title because I think it fits perfectly with the theme of the blog!  As the title implies this is my newbie FIRST POST!  and I only have up to go from here.  So let’s get started.

First about me:

I am a computer science Major at Columbus State University in Columbus, GA and despite the school size our computer science department is excellent filled with knowledgable and helpful faculty and staff as well as many opportunities for eager to learn students.  As I type this post I am in the middle of our Universities version of the “Men From the Boys” class called CPSC2108 Data Structures and it is a very good class for doing just that.  Aside from school I also am finishing out a summer working at the library doing IT with the Systems Librarian and some software development for the reference department which I will probably post about at least once.  I am working there on Federal Work Study and because I turned 24 this year and was able to pull down some Pell Grant I am no longer eligible for FWS for some reason, so I will not be working there after beginning of August.  However my fingers are crossed and my hopes are up about getting in on a Reasearch Grant starting in the CS Department in August.  I also try to stay busy with side projects in java mostly and also try to have what passes for a life in this town. My girlfriend/life partner Kristin also goes to school here in one of the budding new programs in the Lit department called “Creative Writing” and she is the president of the Creative Writing Club.  I am trying to get her into the blogging world so I will link to that when I get the chance.

And finally some about my future:

The “track” that I am in in school is called “games track” and with a name like that you can guess what our focus is… your right gerbil physical therapy… kinda.  However, my hope for being in this track is to get the high level math and programing and some training in AI to go into a strong graduate program in AI development hopefully in robotics to work on human-robot interactions, but any AI program will do honestly.  After that I would like to gain my Doctor title and move on to jump between research jobs at educational institutions where I can teach too, or really anything that sounds interesting.

Alright, that wraps up my very first post ever.