According to this article all the United States Airlines and personal craft are FINALLY upgrading to the GPS system, and it only took loosing another 228 passengers in the global world of commercial air transportation. fortunately for us the system is in the final throes of completion and should be in all the new planes by 2012. It will take a little longer to get to EVERY plane in the USofA but that is to be expected of an entirely new system. ITT systems is involved with the military around the world for newer, cooler stuff so the hope is that this new generation of technology in flight goes off without a hitch.

On the other hand this is just one small step in the direction of advanced Aeronautics for the commercial airlines industry, having just recently upgraded its entertainment value though at a possibly to hefty price, the airlines haven’t done very much to advance seating comfort, crying children, or the food. I understand that advancement and implementation cost money but here is to hoping the airline community will take these recent advances and continue the momentum.

I am certainly waiting for my instant transmission device.